Guided Project : ebay Car Sales using Pandas and Matplotlib

Hello Everyone!
This is another guided project and this has been the most demanding one yet.
Please provide your valuable feedback and suggestions.
Eager to hear from all you great learners!

Hello @sahiba.kaur.stats ,

First, I want to commend your thorough approach to this project :100:. You have gone the extra mile to ask questions that one could have easily missed out on when analyzing. Let me take some time to point out the areas that stood out for me in this regard.

  • For example, you didn’t just stop at identifying the years with the highest number of car registrations; you further showed that the bulk of registrations happened between 2000 and 2010, irrespective of the car type. The output in cell 35 did a great job of that :+1:.
  • The same approach is also shown in your analysis of the common brands. It was interesting to learn that the popular brands also dominated across the different categories. I missed that during my attempt at the project, and it was great to realize it when reading yours.
  • I must commend the time and effort you put into translating the German columns :mantelpiece_clock:.

Overall, your project is well structured, easy to follow and understand. You have explored a lot of options, yet I never felt lost reading through your work.

Now, let’s shift some gears (I know you’d understand this pun :wink:) to some possible suggestions you may consider:

  • You could try importing all of your libraries (including Matplotlib) in a single cell, somewhere at the top of the notebook.
  • I learned from the amazing people here that it is advisable to deal with warnings than ignore them. I have seen the importance of this firsthand. You could consider that approach too.
  • The bar chart from cell 44 seems too small to show all of your information. You could consider using a horizontal bar plot instead of the standard one i.e you could use the line:
# After this you could resize the graph as appropriate

These suggestions cannot take away from the interesting job you have done with this project. I cannot wait to see your next submission on the platform. Cheers :smiley:!

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Thank you so much @israelogunmola. You have set a benchmark in this community with your work and I am so glad to know your thoughts on my project. :smile:

I am happy to review your project @sahiba.kaur.stats . Congratulations on earning the community champion badge too. Well deserved. Lets keep learning and getting better :rocket:

Cheers :+1:

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Yayy!! :smiley: This makes me so happy. Cheers to learning together! :+1:
And congratulations to you too. Your work is inspiring! @israelogunmola

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