Guided Project : Ebay Used Car Sales

This is the first guided project that I have shared. It is the Ebay Car Sales project. I was able to complete this one on my own without checking the solutions, so I’m feeling pretty proud of my progress! The thing that I’m not sure about is best practices for notation. I used both markdowns and hashtag notes.

If anyone has any thoughts for any improvements, please let me know!

Basics.ipynb (63.1 KB)

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Hi @AlJens

Thanks for sharing your project on Ebay Used Car Sales.The project looks cool and organized. Most of your comments, the explanations given in the markdown cell, are so informing. I can’t imagine that you managed this project by yourself, without checking into the solution, that’s a great move indeed and keep it up! buddy.
Have got few humble suggestions;

  • I think you need to do some extra work on the introduction, like explaining further or clarifying more about the Ebay cars, you will noticed that you have only provided the aim, and the links of the datasets.
  • In cell[8], you can have the whole code into single line of code as an alternative, same to cell[10] and I think it will save you time and space, check below;
autos["price"] = autos["price"].str.replace("$", "").str.replace(",", "").astype(int)

Both will render same output.

  • Also recheck on your conclusion I think adding more findings will do better, like after cleaning the data, which brand for example,you found to be most expensive although it has been displayed in the output, typing it out will be much better .

Otherwise to me, I think everything looks nice, and just congratulating you for the good work.

Happy learning.

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