Guided Project - Employee Exit Surveys

This one was a little tougher. Seems like it took me a bit longer than expected, and I had to reference notes, posts, and the solution a few times. Final page is here. Let me know what you think.

Guided Project - Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (193.8 KB)


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Hello @sbrowne15! Thanks for sharing.

Your work is well-written and the code in good.

Some observations:

  • Add sections to your project (such as Introduction, Data cleaning, Data analysis etc.)
  • You can extract years jsut by taking the last four characters without a need to apply for a regex.
  • Give your plot a title, axes label, and order the categories in a logical way, that will help readability
  • You have some typos (like “seperate”), it’s better to avoid them

Overall, it’s a cool project, well done!

Happy coding;)

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