Guided Project: EURO to USD

Hello Everyone,
I recently completed the guided project on the exchange rates from Euro to USD and I would really appreciate some feedback/tips/constructive criticism.

It would mean a lot if anyone could help with pointers on how to make my code for the storytelling section more efficient as I struggled with this.

Thanks a lot !


Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @kelechikalu3, great project you have done, thanks for also sharing it with the community, I’ve learnt some things from how you properly structured your codes and the explanations also were succinct enough and understandable. However, I’d like to point your attention to some things so you can make your project near-perfect.

  • Try and add an image to your introduction, maye=be a dollar or euros note, it’d make your work look better
  • Rerun all code cells, so that code cell numbers are consecutive
  • It’s better to import all packages in the first code cell for readability reasons so that we know what packages you’ve used in the project.
  • Labels for the axes should be included. For instance, make it clear that the EUR to the USD exchange rate is on the x-axis, not the other way around. Many people know that a euro costs more than a dollar, but that may change, leaving future readers perplexed.
  • Try to bring the plot of the three administrations together it’d make your work more decent reduces their sizes and use the subplots function.

you did well, cheers


Have you considered converting some of the code into a function? It looks like the line plots for the four presidents share a lot of code.

Come to think of it, it’s possible to combine the four individual president plots to look similar to the “EURO-USD rate from 1999-2021: Emphasis on ruling political party” line plot. Or just modify the latter to include the president’s name.


Hello @OlutokiJohn,

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I will work on implementing your observations.

All the best.

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Hello @wanzulfikri,

Thanks a lot for your response! I agree that all the presidential plots share a lot of code, initially I tried using a loop when plotting them but I kept getting funny looking plots.

Hopefully, I have better luck with the function.

All the best !

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That’s understandable.

Feel free to share your code later if it still doesn’t work as well as you hoped. I’m not good with plotting myself, but I would like to see if I can learn anything from seeing problems other people are having as well.

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Hi @kelechikalu3 ,

Great job finishing the Euro to USD project. Great job adding charts to explain exchange rate volatility.

  • To help tell the data story, did you consider who your audience is? Who are you presenting the below chart to? What would they want and need to know?

  • Did you think about looking at specific US events that may have led to decline in exchange rate to help tell the story? For example, in the line chart below " Euro to USD" from 2004 to 2008, the exchange rate increases until around 2008 then drops to below 1.4. What was going on in US during 2008?

  • You may also want to explain how US events can affect the Euro to USD exchange rate if this would be something your audience may want to know. For example, $1 USD can purchase more or less and why is this important.

  • I read this Wikipedia article about euro that provided history of euro and provided context on Euro to USD exchange rate.


Hello @Casandra_Hayward,

I really appreciate the feedback and I will work on making the storytelling a bit more comprehensive and insightful.

Thank you!