Guided Project: Exploring E-bay Car Listings

Hello guys!

I just completed my third project in less than 15 hours. I am really excited by this because its the first time I will complete a DS project this fast. Thanks in a large part to the motivation I garnered from the recognition I received as a community champion this week!

In the project, I deviated a little from the instructions provided by using the datetime module I learned in the second course to evaluate some date columns.
Kindly look through and drop your reviews, please.
I look forward to your responses, thank you!

Used Cars - ebay.ipynb (73.1 KB)

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Hi Lawal,

Congratulations on finishing your third project, especially so quickly. I’m working on the same data set and I saw our steps were very similar, which was quite reassuring for me.

The output of code cell 36 seems to show that Sonstige Autos, Citroen and Mercedes benz are the most expensive brands (I had the same results) but in your markdown cell, you say that Mercedes and BMW are the most expensive. Why?

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Hello @olamideoshilalu,

Thank you for exploring my code, and I am really glad it helped reassured you about your project (which I look forward to you sharing by the way :star_struck:).

The markdown I wrote about the output of my code was only describing the prices of the top 6 brands (as in topping the list, in the order they were displayed, not in terms of the prices). These brands are; Volkswagen, bmw, opel, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, ford. I hope you understand?
And also, I perfectly understand your point and actually, I think any of the two pathways would do just fine…

Cheers… :clinking_glasses:

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Hey @Lawal1998 ,

Thanks for clarifying :+1:. I’ll be sharing my project soon enough. Hopefully, I’ll get your input then.

Edit: I’d been wondering about the “brand” sonstige_autos. I know very little about cars, but it seemed odd that I hadn’t ever heard the name of such a popular brand. I checked online and it turned out that it’s not even a brand name at all. My problem was not understanding German.

" ‘sonstiges’ is mainly used when referring to something that can’t be put in any useful category. "

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