Guided Project: Exploring eBay Car Sale Data Review and Feedback Needed!

Hi everyone! This is the first time I share the guided project on the forum. I just finished my project on the eBay Car Sale Data, and I would love to hear back any reviews for my project!

Here is the link to the project on DataQuest:

Here is my Notebook for the project: ExploringEBayCarSale.ipynb (86.3 KB)

I’m very appreciated for any feedbacks! Thank you

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @TrnNhNguynMinh, congratulations for having completing your first project in Dataquest. i have gone through your projects and have got the following to point out.

  • You have hardly used the comments in your projects, if you keenly check your data cleaning process for example, you haven’t at all used the comments.
  • Your introduction is not also well worked on. You have not stated the aim/goal of the project and you should also provide the links of the dataset you are using for easy accessibility.
  • Your project is also missing conclusion which is very important when working on any project.

Otherwise , all is well and am just wishing you a happy learning.