Guided Project: Exploring EBay Car Sales - C.O

Top of the day everyone!
I have finished the guided project on Exploring EBay Car Sales.
I had a tough time getting conversant with the pandas library, but thanks to the community discussions, I’ve managed to learn a lot, which gave me a relatively easy time with the project.

As usual, any suggestions or reviews are welcome :blush:!

Here’s the link:

Exploring_Ebay_Car_Sales.ipynb (165.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @carologira8, thanks for sharing your project.

Glad to know that the community has been of impact towards completion of your project.

Your project looks nice. As you continue learning to (especially Data Visualization) make sure add visualizations in your project.

Happy Learning!


Thank you, I’ll do so!

Hi @carologira8,

You have done an amazing job by doing more than expected from the instructions. But the one important suggestion I have is to add a proper introduction that introduces the data set, talks about it a bit so that the reader gets an idea what they are going to learn from this analysis.

Same goes for the conclusion part as well. Sometimes all we care to read is what are the observations/insights you have figured out from the data. So we quickly go to the conclusion part to read about it. You have summarised what you have done in the project. But it would have been great if you could add your findings as well.

The coding part looks great. Though I would have removed printing the entire auto dataframe by going against the instructions given to us.

Also, do you think

#copying the dataframe
autos_copy = autos.copy()

This was necessary?
Personally I believe we can work straight on the actual data set itself.

It is a good thing that you took up all the extra instructions and worked on it. But you shouldn’t have stopped at that. You should have experimented with the data and do more than the instructions. I’m pretty sure you will have fun doing that.
All in all, it was a great project. Keep up the good work.


Hello @jithins123,
Thank you for the review, and very insightful suggestions. I’ll definitely work on them and make the necessary corrections on the project .
Thank you

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No worries and congratulations on being one of the community champions of this week. Keep up the good work.