Guided Project Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data - dazzletrail

Hello! I just finished my third guided projects and will like to get your thoughts on it. Advice and constructive criticism are welcomed as well as the way forward to becoming a better data scientist.

below is a copy of my project for your perusal
Guided Project Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data.ipynb (50.8 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @dazzletrail,
Good to know that you finished this interesting project.

I’d like to start with the introduction. Intro section could have more details about the project, what problems are you trying to solve/address, the data set used etc. So it gives someone an overview of the whole project.

In order to rename the column names, you can also use

dataframe.rename({'oldname':'new_name', 'oldname2':'new_name2'},axis=1, inplace=True) 

In this way you don’t have to type the names that doesn’t need a change.

For the code below

autos['price'] = autos['price'].str.replace('$', '').str.replace(',', '')
autos['price'] = autos['price'].astype(int)

if you wish, you can chain the whole thing in one line as

autos['price'] = autos['price'].str.replace('$', '').str.replace(',', '').astype(int)

There are many different views regarding price outliers in this project. Whatever you mentioned sound right to me, when I was doing this project. Then I came across the idea that in ebay the auction starts at $1. So low prices can be right in certain cases.
Then another co-learner pointed out through a google search that there are people in Germany who list their cars on ebay for free! So that even makes $0 a valid entry! So you are free to choose whatever you think is right for the low price outlier after a careful examination of price values with these ideas in mind.

A small word about sonstige_autos. If you try to translate it from German to English, you will find that it means other_autos which probably means other brand names not mentioned in the data.

Anyway, you did a good analysis. It would have been great if you added a subheading for each section for a quicker read through the project. Same goes for the conclusion section as well.

Altogether it is a good job. Keep up the good work. Happy learning.