Guided Project : Exploring eBay Car Sales Data - feedback welcome

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  1. I could not find the data to extract out of the name column into a new column.
  2. The last_seen column has larger value_counts() for last three dates. I did not get what it was supposed to mean.

03-EBay-carsales.ipynb (181.7 KB)

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Hi @himanshurana19

Welcome to Dataquest community and thanks for sharing your project with the community.
Have gone through it and it looks pretty good. The codes have been well worked and has thus rendered good output. The findings are very encouraging , keep it up mate for the good work.

Have got few humble suggestions to make;

  • Kindly recheck your objectives, I think your third point shouldn’t be part of the listings.
  • You have hardly used the comments, remember it’s the comments that eases complex code lines. and when giving these comments always try to have them before the codes and not after the way you have done in cell [552]
  • Your findings in your last workings are very profound, and I think it would be more better to have them wrapped in a subheading . When workings on these subheading try to make them a bit large , having them only bolded is not enough.

Otherwise congratulations mate for the good work.

Happy learning.

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