Guided Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data - Feedbacks

Hi guys!

This is my very first project posted here and I’m very exciting to be part of the community!
I would appreciate any feedback about the project. Thanks in advance!

Project - Link

Ebay_Car_Sales.ipynb (149.4 KB)

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Hi @renatodepes

Welcome to the community , and thanks for sharing your project on Exploring Ebay car Sales Data. The projects looks great and well organized. I love your introduction, the aim, the explanations, the code lines, all are well presented. Also you have managed to write most of the code lines into a single line of code, which is just an awesome idea. have got few suggestions;

  • Output in cell[2], is too lengthy, I think in such cases you can head() method to limit the number of output.
  • You have hardly used the comments, remember it’s through the comments that a reader, can fully engage and somehow understand most of your code lines.
  • since you were exploring the data on ebay used cars, I think typing down some of the findings in the conclusion, will add more positive look onto your project.

Otherwise congratulations for the good work and wishing you the best in your upcoming projects.

Happy learning!

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Thank you for your reply @brayanopiyo18!
I’ll try to avoid to leave the whole dataframe in a cell, thanks!
About the comments, you’re right I’ll try to specify and explain my code lines to be more clear! Do you recommend it to every code line or to some bigger/more important ones?
About the conclusion, I’ll add it to the next projects, the lack of it really leaves a void in the project.

Thank you again for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

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Hi @renatodepes , Am very thankful for regarding my feedback helpful. For the comments, I think it depends on number of factors to consider like the targeted group, but for me, including them on most important/bigger code lines is the best idea.

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Hi @brayanopiyo18,
Ok, got it and I’ll do that!
Thanks again!

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