Guided Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data - JM

Hello, it is my 3 project, let me know your opinion.

Used cars listing on ebay, how to clean up the data and analyze the results(1).ipynb (192.5 KB)

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Hi @jemartinezm1,

Congratulations on finishing yet another guided project I also just finished this one.

I like how you have changed the column names by assigning the new set to df.columns. But if you are using dataframe.rename({'oldname':'new_name'},axis=1, inplace=True) you don’t have to type those names that doesn’t need any changes. Saves a few keystrokes :wink:

Anyway you have already used rename() function to change the names of price and odometer.

With this info is better to start from 100USD than from 1USD, is difficult to assess if below this values is realistic to purchase a car, we need more info about how this market works.

I completely agree with you on this. I still couldn’t figure out if they bought a cool car for $1 because it is ebay!

Now regarding the registration year, since the date crawled is in 2016, we can’t accept values with registration year that are after 2016. Then they will be selling cars from the future! What do you think?

I quite like how you have taken up the extra instructions. I haven’t tried changing the German to English. But I think there is a mapping function using dictionary, without needing to use str.replace(). I will update it when I find it.

You have also tried to extract the model name. It is cool. But when it comes to brands that has Two part names such as Mercedes Benz, don’t we get the second part as by using str[1]? Maybe we should use an exception with if clause to select str[2] for such brands.

Altogether you have done a great analysis. You gave me many things to think over and add to many analysis. Also, your code, documentation and markdown cells are so awesome that everything is almost self-explanatory. Great work.

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Hello Jithins,

Thank you so much for your review. Off course I made a lot of tinkering in this project, I didn’t know a lot of things, so you observations are excellent and I’m going to explore again this project later. With the brands I don’t know how to handle to work with string 2, but I’m going to check. Thanks again for your time to review!!!

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