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Guided project - exploring eBay car sales data - Saul

Please see my guided project, this is the first one I have uploaded. I am looking for feedback especially on the parts of the project that were optional (I completed most of these and found other areas for cleaning and analysis). Also please feed back on how I have presented the project.

URL of last mission screen of the Guided Project:

Guided Project_ Exploring eBay Car Sales Data_Saul.ipynb (188.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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I thought the aim of this challenge was to use coding introduced during the previous lessons of this mission. I don’t think the Python module re was presented in the lessons. To me, this beats the purpose of the course…

Hey Christophe where are you seeing re Python module.


Ah ok, thank u and noted for next project. Did u have any other comments on the project, I will be grateful.

Hello @sg10007! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community. Also congratulations on completing the optional part, that’s very important to develop you independence in making projects. The project is very organized and you’ve clearly explained every step.

Some suggestions:

  • Make the project’s title more attractive and descriptive
  • It’s also a good idea to provide the link to the used data set
  • Comment the code, it’s important for the readability. Imagine you in a couple of months who’s trying to figure out what a code cell does
  • In code cell [248] you import re at every iteration of the loop that is not very efficient. Import all modules in the first code cell. The best solution however would to use pandas functionality to rename columns
  • When you translate German words, it’s better to create a unique mapping dictionary and then apply it to the columns
  • Why not combining sections Basic data exploration and further cleaning and Dropping columns into one?
  • In cell [269] the code is very inefficient. Use str methods from pandas to rename values in a column. The same goes for the cells below
  • It’s better to rerun the whole project to order the code cells. It improves the readability
  • You have some minor types, correct them!
  • You have some commented code like the cell [55] all code is commented. Do you need it?
  • In code cell [64] why don’t you use pandas to create a list of unique brands?
  • In code cell [70] you repeat youself!
  • Write a conclusion where you wrap-up your findings

That’s it for me. Happy coding :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: