Guided Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data step 6

Decide which the highest and lowest acceptable values are for the registration_year column.

I did not get this part, do I create boolean and restrict the highest and lowest values?


hi @alroumi.abdulmajeed

you need to decide a range for registartion_year column, i.e. you will be restricting/filtering data to be within these years only:
“lowest year chosen” to “highest year chosen”.
for example, 2005 to 2010. So only the rows which have registration_year between these values will be considered for further analysis.


Thank you for reply.

Like this: date_range = (auto[‘registration_year’] > 1900) & (auto[‘registration_year’]<= 2016)



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Thank you very much
But when I use describe, it does not change or this should not matter ?

Depends, if you create a new resultant dataset then the original won’t have any effect, however, if you update the original one then the subsequent analysis will be based solely on the filtered records and the describe() result prior and after would yield different results.

edit: for the analysis, we are to consider only valid records in the dataset, so even if we update the original dataset it will still be considered a part of the process. so the changes to Describe should not matter.

thank you very much Rucha.
You are awesome

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