Guided Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data. Thanks for your feedback!

Hello everyone, this is my first uploaded Guided Project.
I had a lot of fun playing with pandas and getting to know Jupyter Notebooks and Markdown better. There is so much more to learn and practice.

I feel so much more comfortable utilizing pandas to poke around at datasets now and ask/answer questions.

URL of last mission screen:
Last Mission URL

DataQuest Data Cleaning Project.ipynb (85.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @kevinjhuang,

Thanks for sharing your first project with the Community. You’ve done a good job! And I totally agree with your that with pandas we’ll never get bored, there is always something new to discover and learn :slightly_smiling_face:

Some suggestions from my side for your consideration:

  • About the project structure. It’s better to add a title, a conclusion, probably to make the introduction a little more wordy giving some background context of the problem in question. You can find useful some ideas from this great article on the style of Data Science projects.
  • As for the code comments, they have to be, just the opposite, very laconic and imperative, communicating only the actions to be taken. All the observations, considerations, “why” and “how”, etc., go in markdown.
  • A good practice is to re-run the project when it’s already ready, to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1. It can help to avoid confusion and other issues in future.
  • It’s better to combine subsequent code cells into one, if they don’t have any output or markdown explanations between them, like the code cells [400]-[402], [419]-[420], etc.
  • Be careful of typos.
  • A good practice is to use a uniform style of quote marks for string data in code cells: or only single, or only double. For example, in the code cell [410] you mixed both single and double quote marks for different strings. It’s better to choose one of these styles and then to be consistent with it throughout the whole project.

Hope my suggestions were of use.
Happy learning

Thanks a lot Elena for the feedback!
I know I need a lot more practice with Markdown and just GDP in general to maximize readability.
I will probably revisit the project after the next course for more practice.

There’s so much to learn. I’m looking forward to adding more tools to my toolbelt.

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Hi @kevinjhuang,

I’m glad that my ideas were helpful! And yes, good practice to return later to update your projects based on recently learned skills. I also do the same thing with mine.