Guided Project: Exploring eBay Car Sales Data - The Old Cheap Car study

Hola dataquest community,

I’d love to receive any feedback on my guided project. I found the last few slides very difficult and had to look at some examples online. I am struggling to complete these projects with out assistance, but also feel like I’m learning a ton and want to encourage others that are struggling to keep working, even if you don’t understand part of a slide or chapter. I think we’ll all excel in different areas of our program and the best thing we can do is keep pursuing a well rounded knowledge of data.

I did not complete any of the optional work, I’ve made myself on a tight schedule and need to push ahead to the next chapters. I hope to analyze this data further in the future!

I don’t know how to upload my notebook. I hope this works!

Click here to open the screen in a new tab.

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Hi @Casteel0041
Thanks for sharing your project with Dataquest community. I love your argument that that you encountered few slides that were very difficult but you still forge a head with the help of bit of online explanations. Actually it’s true that you will not always have a smooth line in data analyst or data scientist path, you must prepare yourself to meet or rather encounter challenging parts which will require you to dig dip on more learning material provided by both Dataquest or online platforms.

Haven’t gone through your project yet, meanwhile you can go to menu bar of your notebook then click on file which will link you to download icon. After downloading it as notebook(.ipynb) , just click on the upload icon where you type in new topic.