Guided Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data :)

[Basics.ipynb (40.2 KB) ](http://)

hey hi, this is my solution to guided project
just cleaning the data

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Hello! Thanks for sharing! Did you download the .csv file from somewhere? Using the built in jupyter is getting on my nerves, lol.

Hi @samyrhelou,

To download the modified datasets, please click the Download button at the top of the Jupyter Notebook interface on our platform.


This will download a .tar file that​ contains both your notebook file and the required datasets. Also, I would recommend you to check out the Other Alternatives section in this post:


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no, i did not, i have done on dataquest platform.too lazy to do in jupyter, lol

Sorry @bimutalipova for being late.
I have gone through your project. You have done well.
My comments are as follows

  • You have added an introduction to the problem. It’s awesome.
  • Your coding style is okay.
  • You used lot of comments in the code cell. I think it will be better if you use markdown for documentation instead of comments.
    You may follow the guideline for your next project.

Some guidelines for the guided or personal projects


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thanks for feedback:)