Guided Project - Exploring eBay Car Sales Data :')

This one was exhilarating! Plus it has a few German tidbits because I very well like to flaunt my German. Haha!

This project was quite tough and a lot of fun. I would love to have some feedback on how the analytical parts are written and if I missed any conclusions based on what I have found.
Another aspect, for me, would be the development of actionable insights from the project. Maybe it is too soon for me, maybe it isn’t.
But the analysis of the project ideally directs us towards having some actionable insight (or insight that action itself isn’t possible, both useful in their own way). In this case, I have a lot of observations, but I feel my conclusions aren’t as impactful. I would love for someone to tell me how I could work and develop on that and what exactly am I missing here?

Thank you, you lovely people! Here is my project:

Basics.ipynb (160.6 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Your work is commendable.The way you have added observations/markdown in a clear manner is praise worthy.

May be going forward you might want to install nbextensions in your personal Jupyter noteooks.

It will help you in many things , including :

1) Using proper Heading and subheadings.
2) I have noticed few spelling mistakes (which is not a major issue) 

Installing extensions, will make your work look more professional.



Thanks a ton!

I have been meaning to improve the quality of my work on Jupyter. However, for some reason I have been fixating on the code rather than the presentation and analysis which is wrong on my part!

Thank you so much for the resources. I will check it out and add them!

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Thank you very much for this @vasheyy
This is great!

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I tried installing the extensions in cmd as directed on the article to no avail: find attached a snapshot.


How would you advise I go about this, please?
Thank you.

Looks like it is not installed properly …

Please try installing from notebook.

!pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions

Read more here :

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Hello @vasheyy,

Thank you so much, I have been able to get it right.

Cheers, :clinking_glasses:

Awesome job on the project! I’m a newbie and just finished this project last week and my notebook is definitely not as clean and concise as yours! I would love to know how did you format the first markdown cell so well with the dictionary and variables background greyed?

Again, great job and thanks for sharing the project!

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Hi @veratsien!

Thank you for your kind words. I am new very much like yourself and I am glad you liked my project!

For the highlighting part, when in markdown mode, whichever word you wish to highlight, you need to surround the desired part with backticks ( ` ) ( Just for your reference.

This would not be visible with the grey highlight when you are working on the system (will only show a more ‘typewriter’ like font initially) but when you upload it here or on github the grey highlight becomes visible.

There are many more ways that you can go about using the Matrkdown. You can learn more about them here:

Hope this helps


Thank you for the detailed tips and references! This helps a ton!

You are my hero today. :clap: :clap:

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Glad it helped.

This is how I feel now! Haha!

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