Guided Project Exploring ebay car sales

I am a little bit confused/stuck in the 3 step of the guided project. How do we know just from the dataframe.describe as to which column have the same value in all the dataset.

Any help/pointers would be appreciated

I used value_counts() method on any column with NaN in the unique value column.

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That is a good method. let me try this

hey @tyche2k and @austin-deccentric

you can try either of them: df.series.value_counts(dropna= False) method #to include NaN values as well or
df.series.unique() method #this would give you collection of unique values present in series, albeit not the count.

hey @Rucha thank you for that. Is it possible to get this for all the columns in one go… rather than going through one column at a time?

hey @tyche2k

I apply for loop to df.columns, and then use value_counts() / unique() method inside the for loop.


Thank you @Rucha for this technique

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