Guided Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales

Hi, here is my code:

autos["price"] = (autos["price"]


In the first “describe” I check that the series “autos” has the type float, but after removing outliers, when I use the method “describe” it turns to object type and it has a date in the top value.

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this code has two issues - one I assume is typo - there’s an ' quote in price on LHS.
two - why are you assigning a dataframe to a column?

don’t you think it should be autos = autos[autos["price"]...... ?


@Rucha Could you please explain further on how to read the outliers from the following?

>  autos['price_usd'].describe().value_counts()

@Rucha Your reply here saved me. Thank you.

Guided Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data [Removing outliers from price and odometer columns]

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