Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Post :D

I’ll like to know if my code has a correct format and if there can be some instances where I could have used less code and been more efficient, other than that I felt very good solving the project.

Also, I would like to know if it is normal in daily data analysis jobs to research a lot and go back into solutions on how to solve the problem. I could not memorize every function and felt I had to go back a lot to my notes and sometimes the internet.

[Exploring Hacker News.ipynb|attachment]
(upload://b8pyMm6ZLeNmI2mhGKXCEJAirx5.ipynb) (13.2 KB)

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Kindly upload your .ipynb project file again. It has not been uploaded. :smile:

Hi @carturo.fuentes I am unable to see your file, can you please upload it again. Kindly check instructions here if you need to. Sharing Your Guided Project in the Community