Guided project 'Exploring Hacker News Post': feedback welcome


I have just completed Python guided project ‘Exploring Hacker News Post’, as per:

Find attached my project. (I am not familiar yet with github and the like; for the time being I hope this is a suitable way to share.)

If you want to run my project, please be aware of this line of code (in the first code block):
opened_file = open('inputdata/hacker_news.csv')
So do ensure that the input file is in that folder (or that you update the code).

No particular issues or topics that I request feedback for - any feedback is welcome and appreciated!

ExploringHackerNewsPosts.ipynb (16.0 KB)

Best regards,

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Thanks for sharing your project, Jasper. The way you did it is just fine, I think the team has it set up to automatically create a view link so that we can see it fine. You don’t have to worry about anyone having to run the cells if they download and view it locally – it shows up just as it was when you last ran the cells. :smiley:

I think you did a great job! The code is commented well and you used the Markdown cells to note your observations and steps. I really like how you went back and mirrored the intro and conclusions to summarize everything for the reader.


Good job man! I just finished the project last week, but this definitely makes me want to retouch my Markdown notes :slight_smile:


Good job! You make it seem so easy. I’m constantly having trouble with my markdown notes and I have a constant feeling that it is some how wrong or not up to par with other people’s notes. It just seems really messy and that I’m not using the correct terminology. Is there some tip you can provide so I can do a better job on my markdown notes?

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This was a great job. I loved how you use the markdown to explain your code and how you use the print function to explain clear results.


I like to use the verbiage straight from the reading of the mission. Changing up dataquest words to your own really helps you to put the context of the project in your own understanding. Its up to you to make it readable to your audience.


Thank you for the encouraging comments! And @louisalau716 sorry for my late response. It’s hard to come up with general tips, but let me try nevertheless. While it may sound abstract, one thing that you may want to keep in mind, is that in my view we should be “telling a story, supported by code” rather than “providing code, supported by some text”. So really think of the story as you want to tell it, put that in words that come naturally for you and that the audience that you have in mind would understand. Then use that as the framework, and put in your code “in between”. Another thing: review and revise. The text as you found it in my guided project I certainly did not write in one go. I regularly read through what I had written before and then improved it. And did so for the entire thing once more before publishing it. Yes, that costs time, but I personally really need some iterations to get to a text that I feel happy about. And feel that that is time well-spent, as ‘the story’ is as important as ‘the code’ to get something across.

Hope this somewhat helps!


I just finished this project, but i like how you made it easier to read for a beginner. iI surely will be touching up mine too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @jasperquak,
Really appreciate your valuable advice. This is the best advice I’ve ever heard on laying out a notebook.

“telling a story, supported by code” rather than “providing code, supported by some text”

Really it is.


Hey Jasper!

I went over the same project a few weeks ago and it seems very intuitive the way you markdown and set the steps for each excecution. Kudos !

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Hello @jasperquak,

This is a wonderful presentation…Keep up the Good Work…!!! Happy Coding !

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The markdown description is so on point, makes the project self explanatory.
Well done @jasperquak

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A simple way to communicate your findings. I really like it and will apply this in my future project


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