Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Post (feedback welcome!)

Hi everyone

I’m newbie to dataquest and github community
this is also my first sharing project

I’m just finish my project on

Find attached of of my project as below

HackerNew(Project II).ipynb (15.2 KB)

Just wonder if this is the right way to share project ?

Is there any misuse coding or anything to do for improve my skill.

Thank you

Best regard

Kridsanaphon Suksan

Welcome to DQ Community @kridsanaphon

Overall nice work on the project.

you may review this post to share your projects and it’s easy to check out for other students as well. Sharing Your Guided Project in the Community

you can check out this post for detailed articles about improving project as a whole.

Detailed Guides to make your Projects Professional!

Happy coding!

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