Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News

Guided Project_ Exploring Hacker News Posts.tar (3.1 MB)


Hi @AdeneganOluwafeyisay,

So we can better help you, Could you kindly upload the python notebook and a link to the last page of the guided project you worked on?


Hi @AdeneganOluwafeyisay,

Congratulations on finishing this project. Like @adewalade said DQ platform prefers notebook saved as ipynb file format. So next time, please upload that file. Anyway I have downloaded your file and checked your project. There were multiple copies of the same. So I have reviewed this file.
My+Hacker+News+Project(sayomi)-main-Copy.ipynb (9.3 KB)

You have done everything you’ve been asked to do in the instruction, which is good.

#We removed the header from our dataset
headers = hn[0]
hn = hn[1:]

In this block you have printed the whole dataset. I think this wouldn’t be necessary. If you want to check the first few rows you can print hn[:10] or something like that. A similar thing happened at cell number 5 as well.

Regarding the conclusion, it was mentioned that the data was collected in EST. So it would be a good idea to mention the timezone since without a timezone the best time to post would mean different things to people all over the world.

Hope this helps.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

@jithins123 @adewalade thanks for your review, i appreciate and i also learnt a new thing. Thanks