Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts - Feedback Welcomed

Hi Everyone,

I’m extremely new to learning python and very nervous about coding! I found this project quite challenging at the last two pages, please give any feedback necessary! I’d love to keep improving

Basics (1).ipynb (12.7 KB)

Many thanks!!

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Hi @h.mojid72 welcome to the community and nice job for the project! I think it is good, you explain what you are doing and you also have a conclusion :slight_smile:

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Hi @h.mojid72

Congratulations on finishing the second guided project. I also just finished this project.

I went through your notebook and everything looks fine. Since you have mentioned that you are extremely new to python, my only suggestion would be to add comments to your code, so that you can remember what each line of code meant on a later day. I had such confusion the last time after going back to my code. It took me a while to figure out the code I had written a few days ago. I guess documenting it can sort out such confusions.

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Thank you! This means a lot!

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Thank you so much! this is a very useful tip, I have been writing down comments for my code on a document alongside my jupyter notebook, but it might be better placed in the actual notebook.

Many Thanks! :sparkles:

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Yea, that will be great to include those comments as an inline comment. It helps you remember as well as others to understand your code easily.

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