Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts for Feedback

Hi everyone!

I have completed my second guided project, and I would like to receive feedback from you, I really appreciated it.

Project_2_Exploring_Hacker_News_Posts.ipynb (16.7 KB)

Thanks for your time and attention.



Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @luiscbaezl
Thanks for sharing your project on Exploring Hacker News Posts . Have gone through it and honestly, the workings looks great and perfect. The introduction is so informing, the aim has been well presented, the explanations given on the markdown cell are awesome, the subtopics have been well numbered and explored, thumbs up mate for the good work. I love your findings , they have been well summarized in the conclusion. Have got few suggestions;

  • It’s always advisable to provide the links of the dataset you are using for easy access by the reader
  • I think some outputs like the one in cell[54] could have been more readable if they were displayed vertically and to achieve that avoid using the print() function.
  • Also consider re-running the project to have sequential ordering of the cells

Otherwise , congratulations! mate for the work.

Happy learning.