Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts - Phillip Dane Casteel

Hello Dataquest community,

Tonight I finished my second Dataquest guided project. I am hoping to get feedback, or hope that someone may use my project as a guide for when you get stuck. I also wanted to use this as an opportunity to share my experience so far. I am a data analyst starting from scratch. I don’t have a lot of computer or math experience so some of these concepts are coming along VERY slowly. In lieu of having a teacher, or even a more engaging learning platform, I’ve turned to YouTube and various online data analyses sources to help me when I get stuck! This project was especially frustrating as I understood each step in the chapter, and then did not understand the last couple steps of the guided project AT ALL! I was able to reference some old lessons and get some help in the community discussion.

What was your experience with this project? What resources do you have to turn to when you get stuck on these projects?

Check out my second guided project!

Phillip Dane Casteel