- Guided Project - Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hi all! This is my first sharing with the community, so feel free to give me any kind of feedback!

Happy learning,

Exploring Hacker News Posts.ipynb (11.9 KB)

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Hi @youri.sabatini

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing project o n Exploring the Hacker News. Your introduction is so informing indeed, the styles you have included have exposed the aim/goal/objectives in so good way, thumbs up for the good work. It’s also amazing that you managed this project on just four code cells, never imagined of that, congrats buddy for the good work. Just a suggestion;

  • you have hardly used the comments, remember it’s through the comments that a reader will somehow get to understand the code lines.

Otherwise to me all is well, and just wishing you a Happy learning!