Guided Project - Exploring Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94

Hi , I am sharing the Guided Project - Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94 and would like to get you helpful feedbacks/thoughts on the same.

Guided Project_ Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94.ipynb (195.4 KB)

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Hello @shamsalbab5! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community:) You’ve been pretty productive this week and shared another project (Answering Business Questions Using SQL) just 6 days ago :slight_smile: The project has a clear and elegant structure. Your comments are brief but informative and the plots support your conclusions :slight_smile:

Some things you can improve:

  • Provide some context to the readers. What’s is this highway (maybe be leave a link to Wikipedia?). Also, provide the link to the dataset’s source
  • Clearly state what are the questions that you want to answer in the introduction. It may happen that you write not all the questions you have right in the beginning if any come up when you analyze the dataset you can add them. It’ll definitely help the reader to understand the project’s goals.
  • You have extra spaces before commas
  • You make some observations (like saying that the lowest traffic volume is in December, January and July) but could you hypothesize the reason?
  • In the plot Average Traffic Volume : by day of week it’s better to rename integer x ticks (1, 2, 3, etc.) to weekdays abbreviations. I think it’ll make it more readable because we won’t have to convert numbers to weekdays (taking into account also that the day 0 is Monday)
  • You have x and y labels in all the plots but you miss them in the Hourly average traffic plots
  • The traffic is usually heavier on during warm months (March–October) compared to cold months (November–February). - you say so? It’s not that evident for me (we have a very heavy drop in traffic in July and a small drop in September that make the two periods pretty comparable in the traffic volume). How did make this conclusion?
  • You can sort the correlation table (code cell [24])
  • It would be also a good idea to sort the bars of weather conditions in descending order, decide a threshold and make all the bars under that threshold grey so that our attention is attracted to the bars you regard the most significant:)
  • In conclusion, make the key points bold

That’s it for me:) Happy coding and good luck with your next projects :grinning: