Guided project: Exploring the data of the posts at Hacker News site

Hello, everybody!

I have finished my second guided project and I am so happy to share the result.
I would be grateful for comments and recommendations.

That is link to the last mission screen of the Guided Project below:

Guided_project.Hacker_News_posts.ipynb (19.1 KB)

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Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Great job! I would also recommend you considering a more holistic picture of why the project is being done, like to ask a more general question than just the one related specifically to the Hacker news website. And out of that think about the potential relevance of the results of your project for the respective auditory. For example, you want to help people, who want to promote their tech ideas or get valuable feedback, and that is why you are using the Hacker News dataset - that website is one of the best places for that. This way the aims of the project might be more pronounced and conclusions more comprehensive.


Congratulations on your completion of the project. :tada:
As @erzinrost said, now you are comfortable with coding and python you can make this guided project your own by considering relevant bits of information and analyze it, in order to make your project well built and more comprehensive.

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Many thanks for the recommendations. They are so useful to me.

Thank you! I’ll continue to work on the project to make it more comprehensive.

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