Guided Project: Extracting Ask HN and Show HN Posts

Screen Link:


I’m not sure why I keep getting different number of posts than the answer. I downloaded the csv from here:

My Code:

from csv import reader
opened_file = open('hacker_news.csv')
read_file = reader(opened_file)
hn = list(read_file)

headers = hn[0]
hn = hn[1:]

ask_posts = []
show_posts = []
other_posts = []

for post in hn:
    title = post[1]
    if title.lower().startswith("ask hn"):
    elif title.lower().startswith("show hn"):

print("Number of asks posts",len(ask_posts))
print("Number of show posts", len(show_posts))
print("Number of other posts", len(other_posts))

What I expected to happen:
Number of asks posts 1744
Number of show posts 1162
Number of other posts 17194

What actually happened:
Number of asks posts 9139
Number of show posts 10158
Number of other posts 273822

Any help much appreciated!

Hello @meganylin, welcome to the community!

You most likely downloaded a different dataset using that kaggle link. Check this post on the best way to download the exact dataset used in the guided projects.

Happy learning!

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Ohhhh, thank you Doyinsolami!

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