Guided Project Feedback: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

Hello everyone.

I’m glad to share with you guys my 3rd guided project (despite it’s the first one I am sharing here at the community). I really would like any feedback on this project, about the structure, storytelling, language, etc. I would appretiate a lot.

This is the last mission screen link:

eBayCarsProjectNew.ipynb (109.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @lsuepb! Thanks for sharing.

Your project is overall good work, I liked reading it.

Here is some feedback:

  • Good use of code comments, they are helpful. However, I would opt for a more precise description of what each code block does. It may seem quite useless in your case since the code in the project is relatively easy I everyone can understand what you mean by writing “# checking the new values” (code cell 26) but as you become writing more complex code it’s a good habit to be as precise as possible. So it this case you could write something like this: “Print unique values in the odometer column to verify the data”. I’m still learning to write comprehensive comments so you can think of a better way to comment it! I hope to have given you the right way:)
  • Some of your bullets are more comments to code than subtitles: like “Converting strings to integers”. You may want to write a more detailed explanation of what you do or just leave it be!
  • Here, After this quick analysis, we are now going to remove the outliers (lines that has cars’ prices less than 50 and more than $1.000.000, could you motivate your choice? On eBay, some cars can start from 1$ because they are on auction so they can start at a low price.
  • You have some minor typos in your text!
  • It’s not clear for me why it is possible to conclude that ads created before March 2016 are considered as outliers since the ads can be created even before they were crawled?
  • Could you write conclusions? Try to answer these questions:
    • What was the objection of your project?
    • Have you accomplished it?
    • What are your results? Any comments?
    • Any future analysis to do?

That’s all! Hope it helps.

Happy coding:)

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