Guided Project Feedback: Exploring Hacker News

Hi everyone,

I have just finished my second project, and as I am a beginner in this field, I would love to receive your feedback.

exploringhnposts.ipynb (129.7 KB)


Hi @gualar.

If you consider yourself a beginner, I don’t know what to call myself! I haven’t seen any such detailed Hacker News guided projects in DQ yet. I got to learn so much from your project.

For example

print("\033[1m",'TOP 5 POSTS BY NUMBER OF COMMENTs',"\033[0m")#we use the string "\033[1m" to put the letters in bold 
#and 0m to return to normal

Thank you for the detailed code comments.

Though due to some reason I couldn’t see any of the plots you have included. Maybe it is a glitch in the viewer. Anyway, this is really a great guided project. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to learn something from this.


Hi @jithins123!!

Thank you so much for your comment!! It encourages me to keep pushing on it.
It is a pity that you can’t see the plots properly. I think that it has something to do with the static renders of the preview page or something like that(I don’t know yet)… I’m having the same issue with Github. The preview mode is not showing the plots and I am trying to solve it. If someone has any info I will appreciate it!

Thanks for being so active in the community!!


I have solved the problem, I had to render plotly charts as images.

exploringhnposts.ipynb (129.7 KB)

I hope it works fine for you.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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They look great. Very minimal and almost self explanatory. Why almost, becasue, in the first two plots it would have been better to have the x label at least to make it easy to understand. It is just my personal opinion. Anyway with those plots this project is just got even better.


Completely agree!!!

Thank you so much!


You made and excellent job, congratulations!