Guided Project Feedback - Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on the westbound of I-94

Hey guys!

I’ve finished another guided project and I’d love any feedback about it. Specifically about the plots (is the information clear? Do you have any suggestions about how to make it more interesting?) and the Conclusion (I still struggle a lot in this part).

Thanks in advance!! :heart:
Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94.ipynb (354.1 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi Nathalia,

Thanks for sharing another cool work with the Community! :star: I’m a fan of your projects, they are always precise, clear, informative, and easy-to-follow! :heart_eyes: This time, I would like to especially highlight your interesting observations and efficient emphasizing of the most important points throughout the project, very cool idea to compare rain and snow throughout the year to capture the anomalies (usually people, myself included, are discussing here the potential road works, and your way of thinking is different and fresh), great code commenting, doing extra steps, and using nice features like centering pictures and showing all the columns. Also, visualizing the correlation is a much better idea than just showing it as a table. Well done!

Below are some suggestions from my part:

  • You might consider creating functions for similar plots (e.g. line plots, histograms, etc.).
  • Section 3: I’d add a couple of comments about the initial data exploration (e.g. number of columns and rows, missing values, data types).
  • Plots. It’s better to sort the bar plots to see their hierarchy. Also, I’d make the titles and labels bigger, customize axis labels (Traffic volume instead of traffic_volume), and despine the plots.
  • It’s better to avoid some obvious comments like # importing the file and reading it, # importing the libraries.
  • As for the conclusion, probably you can consider reducing the part about the nighttime, since it’s not a priority for the heavy traffic.

Hope my ideas were helpful. Keep up this high quality of work, and good luck with your future projects! :star_struck:

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Hey Elena!! Glad to know you liked it! Once again I need to be more selective with my comments hahahah but I’ll make it more concise in the next ones :sweat_smile:

I’ll work on every suggestion, it means a lot to me, thank you!!

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