Guided Project Feedback - SQL Fundamentals

Hi everyone!

For anyone who has the time, I would be grateful to hear any feedback you may have regarding my approach to this guided project.

I tried to develop this as a report, so there are also areas where the data and results are explained. The feedback can be about any of this (code, data/result explanations, general report formatting, etc.).

Thank you in advance!

Basics.ipynb (171.8 KB)

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Welcome to DQ Community @khmidah

First thing’s first, you have made a straightforward project more interesting by adding your own ideas and analysis to it. :ok_hand:

There are certain areas be it markdowns or the code parts which can be improved further and help make this project more presentable. Please have a look at the links mentioned in this post to help you with the same.

Do you mind explaining the reasons behind these calculations:

ROUND((death_rate - birth_rate - migration_rate) *0.1, 2) as Net,

and ROUND(population * population_growth * .01, 2) AS Number of People

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Hi Rucha!

Thank you for the warm welcome and feedback. I look forward to using the post you shared to improve on my projects. To follow up on your question regarding these calculations:

  1. ROUND(population * population_growth * .01, 2) AS Number of People

The rationale here was to discuss one of the two ways I mentioned for comparing population growth. The first way was as a percent, which is already a column within the table. The second way was as an absolute number of additional people. However to generate this column I couldn’t multiply the population and population growth columns as they were because the latter is formatted as a percent and not as a decimal, so the product would have been inflated. To address this, I multiplied the product by 0.01. Perhaps a better column name can clarify this?

  1. ROUND((death_rate - birth_rate - migration_rate) *0.1, 2) as Net

In reviewing this calculation, I’m positive I made a mistake. Population growth is also written as a percentage (as are birth rate, death rate, and migration rate), so there is no need to multiply by 0.01. This will make a very big difference in how I interpret the results!

Thank you so much for bringing attention to these calculations. Feel free to highlight anything I may have missed in addressing them.