Guided Project: Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94

Hello frens. Here’s my complete guided project “What’s Causing Heavy Traffic on I-94?” from the Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94. Happy to take any feedback, especially if there are colors you can’t see well.

DQ Guided Project

Heavy_traffic_on_I-94.ipynb (406.7 KB)

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Hi @pigeon,

Welcome to the Community and thank you for sharing the first project with us! You’ve done a good job, presented well the data and your observations. And I liked the project title, it seems interesting and captures attention. Well done!

What I would suggest you for this and future projects:

  • It’s better to expand a bit the introduction, adding the link to the dataset and probably giving some background to the problem. Also, you should always add the conclusion with the most important results.
  • Avoid too long code comments (like in code cell [28]) or some obvious or too narrative code comments like # check data, # does day match night?. You might find useful this article.
  • When the project is already completed, a good practice is to re-run it, to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1. It’s important not only for decorative purposes, but for the results of the project.
  • It’s better to combine adjacent code cells if they don’t have any output or markdown cells between them (eg. [8], [2], [4]).
  • You might consider despining your plots. Also, some graphs lack a title ([10]), it’s better to always add one.

I hope my suggestions were useful. Nice job your project!
Happy learning!

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