Guided Project__Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94

Hi everyone,

Here’s my another guided project. Earlier, I’ve already done the previous 2 projects of the DataViz courses, but now, since the contents of both courses and their guided projects were updated (and significantly improved), I decided to do the new ones.

It was interesting to discover that the traffic at night has many trends similar to the one of the daytime. Another curious observation was the one about the weather: some relatively light weather conditions influence the traffic much more than heavy snowfall, heavy rain, thunderstorm, etc. I’d love to hear what you think about the reasons of it and if you agree with my version of explaining of this paradox.

Additionally, I investigated traffic volume by year (really curious what was happenning there all the year 2016??) and by nighttime. Also, I explored traffic volume on different holidays and found out that the dataset provides a misleading information about them (you’ll find a more detailed discussion of this issue in my project). At the end, I had to do some extra cleaning to extract the necessary information anyway and obtained rather interesting results.

From technical point of view, I optimized my code by using several functions (this time, I didn’t add any documentation to them, using instead very self-explaining names and parameters), created simple but clean visualizations with maximized data-ink ratio and following all the best practices.

I’d appreciate any feedback and suggestions from you on how my work can be further improved, whether it’s about the code optimization, project structure, storytelling, typos, the correctness of my conclusion and observations.

Many thanks in advance!

Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94.ipynb (2.1 MB)

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Hi @Elena_Kosourova

Thanks for sharing such an amazing project!, As I normally say, your projects are always used as reference by most of the students( me included) for further clarification or better understanding of some parts , especially when get stuck and the move(to share your project) therefore is always of great importance in this community.
Have spent some hours going trough your work and honestly I had fun. your findings presented as summary of results motivated me to read line line by line and I gained a lot .Haven’t done this project yet, but the display/explanations ( like the relation) you gave on the traffic at night and that of the daytime change my perception( on a positive way) when it comes to traffic and thumbs up for that my dear.
The workings in cell[4] is just excellent ,I have been amazed with the format, and going forward I will incorporate the same. Talking of high traffic in 2017, yes indeed it was due to serious contraction that was deployed( this was after doing some mini research :joy:) and by the way, why did you miss to incorporate those images of contraction considering you love affirming your workings with images?

Have only two observation/suggestion to highlight;

  • Recheck on the explanations given under nighttime( under mark down cell 4) the fourth line, I think you intended to type 25% of the nighttime and not daytime.
  • The function presented in cell 4, I can see you have passed a keyword argument when calling the function which looks pretty good, but considering you have given many parameters going for positional argument will limits the repetition and will of course save you some time and space.

Otherwise to me, all is well worked and congratulations mate for the cool presentation.

Happy Learning!

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Hy Brayan,

Thank you very much for taking time to review my project and for your great and encouraging feedback! I’m glad to hear that my project can be of use for yours on the same topic and maybe some other projects in future. Great job noticing my confusion with nighttime/daytime, such things are always very difficult to find, so thanks a ton!

About that super-detailed multi-parameter function, I was a bit fed-up while I was creating it, especially because it served me practically only twice :joy: Well, the best use of it (and it was the exact reason why I was not able to assign more parameters in a default mode) was actually the second time, when I created a comparison daytime-nightime plot. I had to use smaller fonts there, different titles and specified colors. I don’t know if it was noticeable or not, but I tried to represent night and day-time sky on them :yum:

Many thanks again for your constructive and positive feedback! Good luck with your own investigation of traffic, and with all your future projects!

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