Guided Project - Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94

Data Visualization Fundamentals (Guided Project)

All feedback comments for the improvement of this project are welcome.

Finding_Heavy_Traffic_Indicators_on_I-94.ipynb (1.2 MB)

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Hi @dadp2551,

Thanks for sharing your project with the Community! You’ve done a great job: the project is well-structured, your storytelling is laconic but clear and informative, the graphs are cool and clean, with a good choice of colors and sizes. I liked your findings on speed limit adjustment in 2017. Also, well done on doing the extra steps!

Some suggestins:

  • You can consider creating functions for the plots of the same type, to avoid code repetition.
  • A good idea is to import all the libraries in the 1st code cell.
  • When the project is already ready, it’s better to re-run it to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1.
  • Consider removing the grids and unnecessary spines from your graphs. Also, it’s better to remove the x-axis label “Months” since it’s quite evident.
  • A good practice is to put in backticks column names and variables mentioned in markdown.

Hope my suggestions were helpful. Happy learning and good luck with your future projects!

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Thank you so much! I will correct that.

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Hi, Dataquest community!

I was planning to open a new post but I thought it would be better to share here the correction of the guided project N° 04.

I appreciate your suggestions and comments.

Happy coding!

Finding_Heavy_Traffic_Indicators_on_I-94.ipynb (730.9 KB)

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Hi @dadp2551,

Wow, really super-cool job updating your project! :star_struck: Everything is just perfect now, I especially liked the choice of corresponding colours for day and night, clean visualisations, smooth storytelling, and emphasizing the most important points throughout the project! This time, I really have no suggestions, which rarely happens to me :joy: Keep up your very high level of projects and this speed and at the same time high-quality learning pace! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Hi @Elena_Kosourova

I’m very grateful to each of you. I’m following each of your recommendations.

Happy coding and have a great day!! :blush:

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I would like to take advantage of the fact that I’m here to correct some small details in this project :sweat_smile:. In the function ‘bins_number_col’, located in cell 5, there is an unnecessary parameter (col) and three unnecessary lines of code:

  • min_ = df[col].min()
  • max_ = df[col].max()
  • range_ = max_ - min_

I’m reusing parts of code from previous projects and have overlooked these small but important details. Also, I have corrected redundant values in the first table of the results summary section.

From now on, I will be more careful and review the projects well before publishing them.

I’m going through challenging days, but I’m still correcting the projects I still have pending. I’ll be posting them soon.

Have a nice day and happy coding!!

Finding_Heavy_Traffic_Indicators_on_I-94.ipynb (730.6 KB)

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