Guided Project: Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on the I-94

Greetings Everyone!

My completed attempt at this project:
Guided Project - Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on 1-94.ipynb (780.0 KB)

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Hello @jweekes13! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community! You have very straight-to-the-point explanations, eye-catching plots, and generally a very well-structured project. Also, you left a lot of code comments which is important to understand the code. Well done!

Some comments from my side:

  • After finishing the project, rerun it to make sure that everything works as expected and to make the code cells having numbers in ascending order
  • In the first part of the project, where you divide the dataset in the night- and daytime, could you describe what and why you are taking these steps. It will give the reader more context. You are very good in writing neat and brief explanations, so exploit it!
  • Your very first plot does not have the ylabel, and the title
  • In general, your plots are good but it’s better to increase the size of all its elements (title and labels) to improve the readability and visibility of the important information
  • In *Visualizing the relationship between Month & Avg Traffic Volume you have a SettingWithCopyWarning. You also have another one below. This warning may potentially cause some issues. You can read more about why it’s raised and how to solve it here
  • This is to minimize the amount of skewing the significantly lower avg. traffic volume values recorded on the weekend may cause in one plot of Time of Day vs Traffic Volume. - well done! You used your observations to tune the analysis:)
  • You have a very high outlier that can be seen on the scatter plot traffic_volume vs. rain_1h. Have you investigated it? Just my curiosity
  • In the plot in which you investigate the amount of traffic vs. weather description ([99]), fog actually causes even less traffic than clear weather! What do you think? Additionally, it seems to me like thunderstorm has the same amount of traffic as clear
  • The plot traffic_volume vs. weather_description is a bit cluttered. You can, for example, make all non-relevant bars grey and highlight only the bars that you talk about below so we can immediately understand where to pay attention:)

Well done again, I enjoyed reading the project:) Happy coding :smile:

@Elena_Kosourova, the project can enter the Community Champion programme:)

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That’s a cool suggestion, @artur.sannikov96, the project of Jonathan is a strong candidate! :star2:

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