Guided Project - Finding Heavy Traffic on I-94 . Feedback Request

Hello, Everyone!
Here is my 1st shared guided project - Analysis of westbound I-94 Interstate highway traffic.

I will appreciate any feedback.
Thanks in advance.

Guided Project_ Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94.ipynb (818.5 KB)

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Great work completing the project and sharing it.

My first impression is you put a lot of thought into the analysis and I really like the way you describe the results.

My thoughts:

  1. An introduction exists - always a good thing
  2. You can also briefly summarize your results in the introduction as well
  3. Nice work describing the dataset and providing a link for readers who want to download or learn more about it
  4. “Westbound traffic means that the dataset has information about cars moving from east to west only, and the results for the entire I-94 highway cann’t be generalized.” - adding an image here might help your readers to better see the distinction between eastbound and westbound traffic on I-94
  5. All (at least I think it is all) the charts have titles, x-labels, and y-labels - excellent!
  6. The two side-by-side histograms comparing traffic volume for daytime with nighttime traffic are a bit small. Consider increasing their height.
  7. “The intensity stays on the approximately one level until mid February till beginning of June.” - maybe rephrase this because “one level” is a bit ambiguous i.e. what kind of level are you referring to? Maybe something like “maintain the same level” or “stable” would be more fitting; something better than myself at English can explain things better, or even say I’m wrong which is likely.
  8. For the “I94 Westbound Daytime traffic” line charts, consider increasing the granularity of the xticks by putting a tick for every hour e.g. 6,7,8,etc. It’s difficult to estimate where 7am, for example, with the current ticks.
  9. The detailed weather conditions horizontal barcharts can be overwhelming too understand. To make it easy for the readers, try adding an axvline to highlight the traffic volume threshold. For example, you looked for weather categories with 5000 or more traffic volume, so add a vertical line on 5000.
  10. Nice work on the conclusion - brief and direct

Minor thoughts:

  1. “The sintax of the column definition is correct.” - it should be syntax, though it’s unclear what you mean by syntax in this context.
  2. “date_time column has date information, however it is not format as datetime. It is formated as object type. The values in this column need to be format as datetime type for future use.” - formated should be formatted.
  3. ["Jan", "Fev", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "July", "Aug", "Sep","Oct", "Nov", "Dec"] - slight typo ‘Fev’ in one of the average day traffic volume labels
  4. There’s a dot in some of your “Hour.” xlabels.
  5. " There is a smoothly drop from 7PM(19.00) till 4AM for week days as well as for weekedns." - smoothly → smooth; weekedns → weekends

That’s all from me. Take what’s potentially useful, and feel free to disregard the rest.

Keep learning. Cheers.



Thank you for your response!!!
I’ll work on the corrections.

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No worries.

And thank you for reading my suggestions.