Guided project - finding the best markets to advertise in

Hi everyone,

it is my first time sharing a project, but I am trowing this one out there as I am pretty proud of taking some different paths than the suggested ones.

I appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

6_Guided_Project_Finding_the_Best_Markets_to_Advertise_In.ipynb (299.5 KB)

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Hi @mcurvaesteves

Welcome to this community and congratulations for having completed your projects, Actually haven’t reached this far but with your project I admired what awaits me (the guided projects available in Dataquest).it’s well organized and neatly presented.

Having said that, have noticed a minor error in your conclusion (second paragraph);

image mcurvaesteves
The selection of where to advertise was based on assessment of potential willingness to pay for our montly subscription ($59)

If you check the paragraph keenly, you’ll noticed you have typed montly, did you mean monthly? hope that was the case, fixed it up please. Also in the introduction(second paragraph), thought like you were talking about 400,000 followers and not 400.000 as presented followers please change the decimal point to a comma.

Happy coding!

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thanks for the corrections. You are right in both (the comma thing is country-dependent, which makes me get it wrong often).

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