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Hi everyone,

I’m excited to be diving into Python! This is the first project I’ve shared, and I found myself getting pretty invested in making it look and sound good, based on DataQuest’s style guide.

I’m interested to hear any feedback on the project itself (styling, clarity, code, etc.), and also where I could take it from here. You’ll see that at the end, I got a bit stumped - I found some interesting preliminary insights from the ‘Other’ data, but I’m not sure how I would go about actually organizing and analyzing that chunk of the data given the lack of any categorization. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Basics.ipynb (22.4 KB)

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Hello @ninasweeney18! Thanks for sharing your project:) and congratulations on sharing your first project, it a great step in your journey.

Here is some feedback…

What I liked:

  • Your narratives are clear and well-presented
  • You code is space vertically which improves the readability
  • You title is clear and evokes positive emotions: oh, I want to maximize positive community engagement

What can be improved:

  • Add comments to the code, sometimes it’s not clear what you’re doing and trying to achieve. It will help everyone who reads your code, including you in the first place
  • To avoid if..else statements when building a frequency table (you count something - comments or points) you can use the setdefault dictionary method
  • Write a quick summary of your results in the beginning: when do we need to post?
  • Bold the most important information (like when we should post)

For the Other category you can try to play with regular expressions to analyze, for example, differences between posts mentioning different programming languages: SQL, Python, R and so on.

That all for me:)

Happy coding :smile:


Hi @ninasweeney18

I can very well see that you got really invested in this project! You have gone above and beyond of the general instructions given in the guided project and found many more insights. Usually most people, including myself, stop at finding the best time to get most comments. But you have dived deep and found so much more information.

Like artur.sannikov96 mentioned, your structure, use of markdown cells and explanation makes it a great project.

I also feel that you could have added a bit more code comments.

The project altogether looks great, though there are a few suggestions.

  • You could have added a line about the data set and a link to download it for anyone who is curious.

  • I can see an empty list work_day = []
    Have you also had an idea to segregate it by weekdays and finally dropped it?

  • You missed mentioning the time zone, which can make a difference to people who are not in EST. Your string formatting looks great, an extra piece of information in the form of time zone would have made it much better, in my view.

Regarding the other category, I don’t have a lot to suggest. Looks like there can be different categories you can share, such as videos ( you can see the category within [ ] in one of the 20 items). If you can find which are the different formats shared on the other category, that might be a good idea to explore.

Anyway, you have done a great job. Thank you for sharing this project. Happy learning.


Thank you for the feedback! this was super helpful.

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Thanks for taking the time! I’ll go back and incorporate these things.