Guided Project for Review: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Hey All,

With all of the downtime, I just got through another Guided Project (Employee Exit Survey) and completed some extra analysis as suggested near the end. If anyone has sometime available, I’d appreciate any sort of feedback, particular with the extra analysis steps.


Here is a link to my GitHub of my project.

Guided Project # 5 - Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (306.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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hey @michael.hoang17

You have technically nailed the project :slight_smile: Your sub-titles clearly outline the flow of the project.

You could now try to incorporate a narrative combining story-telling and code explanations.
Also, some plot aesthetics such as plot titles - that can clearly define what is being compared or represented as a chart.

happy coding and learning!