Guided project for review : Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

Hi all,

Hope all are keeping well. Sharing Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data guided project for your review.

I’d like the reviewers to please focus on the extra steps in analysis as mentioned here and share your comments and reviews.

exploring-ebay-cars.ipynb (117.5 KB)


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Hey Anjali, thanks for sharing your project. Great job as always. :smiley:

I had one part I was confused on regarding about the price of the top 10 cars versus their mileage. I wasn’t sure what you meant by “We can say that the more expensive the car, the more mileage it has, from the above… But in certain cases, the least expensive cars do have better mileage too.” I think one of the surprising things we saw in the data was that it looks like some cars are selling at higher prices even though they have higher mileage. What do you think about it?

The extra analysis steps look good, it was easy to follow. It was satisfying to see that the cars with unrepaired damage were significantly cheaper as we would expect. I liked that you included the stats from .describe() too so we can look at the median as well.


Thanks for the comments @april.g.

By the confusing sentence you quoted above, I was meaning to express that expensive cars have more mileage and it is also true that not all cheap cars are in the low mileage category ( Opel , Renault , Peugeot from the dataset).

Sorry about the convoluted sentence structure in the markdown in my project, my bad! :frowning: Do you think my above observation correct? Or is there a better way to put it?

I think my brain is interpreting the sentence as “if a car is more expensive, then it has higher mileage,” which is where I’m getting tripped up. In step 11 you found that the cars with a lower mileage have higher average prices.

I interpreted the result as “some cars have higher prices despite having higher mileages.” As in, some brands seem to “defy” the expectation that “high mileage = cheap car.”

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Ah… I get it now. Oh boy! I was totally interpreting it the wrong way isn’t. Thanks for clarifying @april.g. I’ve changed the observation and uploaded the new notebook.

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