Guided project for review: Maximimzing revenue from Free Apps on Google Play and Apple Store

Hi all

Any feedback would be appreciated

Thanks1 Max ad revenue free apps project.ipynb (36.7 KB)

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Hi @frenchhadhoud, welcome to the community!

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Thanks, April

All done

Great, thanks! I had a quick look over your project. I liked that you took the time to explain what you were going to do and what you observed afterward. The code is clear and commented well. I got a little confused in the middle where there’s a heading about cleaning the data and removing the non-English apps, but it didn’t occur until a lot further down. I would suggest making an adjustment there just to make it easier for the reader.

Your take on recommending a more all-in-one kind of app that covered multiple top genres was interesting given the information about users hanging onto phones longer (I think that’s what you were saying anyway). I’m not sure if I agree, but that’s probably because I’m not a fan of those types of apps. :wink: It would be worth exploring more if the data were available.

Overall great job, keep up the good work!


Hi April

Thanks for your prompt feedback. I am hoping I can improve the project further keeping your feedback in mind.

Now, as you are an expert working with many data science experts. I need your advice.

I would like to change career into data science asap. What do you think is the shortest path? I found that the Data scientist path has like 36 steps while the Data Analyst path is 21 and the Data Engineer path is only 13

I started the Data scientist path but I read somewhere it could take up to a year while the Data Engineer path is only like 6 months.

My ultimate aim is to be a data scientist but I am thinking it might be better for me to just finish the data engineer path asap and then get a job as a data engineer because that will definitely help me become a better data scientist?

I am not really sure what is the best way forward

I await hearing from you

I actually don’t know the answer to your question. I’m not an expert - I’m a student as well! I worked as a math teacher and for the past few months I’ve been working to make a career change to data analysis. I’ve been sending out resumes since about February and came really close to my first analyst job when everything started to shut down due to Covid-19.

One tip I can give you based on my experience and research is to read job postings in your area and have a look at what employers are asking for. The job I almost got only used Excel and a bit of SQL, but the reason they interviewed me even though I had no experience was because the department manager saw I learned Python. I’m auditing a course on edX now to improve my Excel skills.

The other thing I learned is that I was still weak on answering business questions. I started a Udemy course for Tableau, which was really good for posing questions you might get in an analyst position and how to use the tools to answer the questions. I think that’s a gap I need to close because some kinds of questions were tough. DQ added a new course for making business decisions (within step 4 of the analyst/scientist paths after SQL), and that was pretty helpful.

Sorry I’m not more help with your questions. I would suggest searching through the community posts since some others have asked questions about the different paths. After that if you still want more advice, make a separate post for the whole community and see if someone else has other advice for you.

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Thanks a lot April for your generous advice and your always prompt reply