Guided project for review: Star Wars survey

Hi everyone!

Just finished the guided project on Star Wars Survey which I had tons of fun working on:

I tried to expand a bit from the main question adding bits of additional analysis, which is a skill I’m trying hard to work on. I also definitely need to work more on plot aesthetics - hopefully that will improve as I continue to learn.

My solution can be found in the link below:

Any feedback, comments, tips and pointers are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Basics.ipynb (319.5 KB)

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hey @aldoni.latumahina

Your efforts and enjoyment both are visible in this project :slight_smile:

Let’s first start with what’s different in your project:

  • The format of presenting - 2. Identifying values in the columns.
  • the center alignment for the plots. I have thought about this but didn’t really google it up so now I have a source to start with :+1:
  • the narrative is cool and grouping of column names is an addition!
  • top 3 and bottom 3 analysis also help in summarizing favoritism
  • additional analysis of ratings (pop_score) calculation.

Few things I wish to highlight in this project:

  • lack of an introduction, you have given efforts and focus on giving a context to almost each and every section then why not to the whole project at the onset? just briefly summarizing what’s the objective of the project and some info on its data-source.

  • you deviated from the instructions while calculating the pop_score and avg. income etc. This analysis could have been more detailed both in terms of code and markdown, thereby making it a focal point of your project. and why is everything in one single code cell :thinking:

Thank you or sharing this project with DQ community. It has given me a few things to explore and learn.

Lastly, any particular reason to comment out the last analysis and not include it as part of the project?

Hi @Rucha
Thank you very much for looking into my guided project.
I have to admit that I forgot to write the intro cause I thought I’d do that later but then get too sucked up into working with the plenty ideas I had.

I probably wouldn’t have done the avg_income, but the pop_score is something that I’d keep and if would’ve been more detailed with if I had to do it again. And yes I will avoid putting multiple things into one single code cell in the future.

Why I commented out the last analysis was because I was still unable to plot it the way I wanted it to be using the code I wrote.

Again, thank you for the review and very constructive feedback!

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hey @aldoni.latumahina

thanks for accepting the feedback. :slight_smile:

Hey @aldoni.latumahina

Great project. I enjoyed reading it. I like your conclusions.
If you find the time, you could go through my submission for the same. I am sure it can help you with some plot aesthetics.

Raj Tulluri

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