Guided Project: Gender Gap - Need help


I am uploading a guided project for the first time. I am really stuck at a section and would love some guidance. I am unable to remove labelbottoms from my charts. The instructions asked us to keep labelbottom only for the last chart in each column, but I am seeing labelbottoms for all charts irrespective even though I added the code to remove.

Looking fwd to understanding what went wrong.

Pls note that I work in colab, so my intital codes are connections to Google drive which you may ignore. Thanks so much!

DQ_Guided_project_2_3_Gender_Gap_in_College_Degrees.ipynb (156.0 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hello @rahul1988! I cannot access your notebook, it returns the 400 code. Could you reupload it?

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Hi @rahul1988,

If you have used this code

ax.tick_params(bottom="off", top="off", left="off", right="off", labelbottom='off')

Try using False instead of off . I think it was because of the version changes.

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