Guided Project- Hacker News Analysis


Excited to be a part of the Dataquest community.

Please provide me feedback and criticism on my second guided project. Learning and working on these projects has been fun for me.

Guided Project Jupyter Notebook

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Hi @lucius.anderson1 , Welcome to the community. Great to see that you have finished your first project and shared it in GitHub. Now that is the first step towards building a great portfolio.

I had a quick look at your project and it looks good. You have presented it well with heading and with a summary of results at the start itself. It makes easy for those who are primarily interested in learning about the conclusions from the analysis.

Since you are sharing your project with a wider audience through github, it would be a good practice to give a little bit more context about the project to those who aren’t related with this course work. For example, you could give a short introduction about Hacker News, the platform, the kind of things they do, the kind of posts etc so that it will be easier for everyone to understand your project better.

Also, it would be a good practice to add a bit more of code comments to support your code. For example, you can give a short description about the functions you have created and what do they intent to do.

A section with heading as Conclusion or Findings etc would also be good practice. Hope this helps. Good luck with your next project.

Hello @jithins123, thank you for your feedback.

That’s great information, providing context on Hacker News definitely will help a wider audience understand better.

I’ll work on adding these improvements thank you.

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Hi @lucius.anderson1! I also advise you to add the link to the last screen for the guided project (this in your case) so that the Community has a quick reference to it:)

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