Guided Project-Hacker News Analysis

Guided Project 3-Hacker News Analysis.ipynb (11.3 KB)

Hi, community:) Here’s another guided project, Hacker News Analysis!
I’ve just finished it and want to hear your feedback.

Thank you!

(+ And I don’t know why but I can’t select the optional tags for this project which are 356 and 356-8. So I chose 356-9 instead.)

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Awesome work @wkim1337
Your project looks great, detailed explanations there, I also like the presentation style and coding style.

I’ve seen you’ve answered all the guided project questions. As you continue learning your data path, you can return to this project and answer the questions using data visualization. Using advanced libraries like pandas, matplotlib and seaborn.

Happy learning!

There were no EDA/Exploratory Data Analysis methods in your presentation: show/demonstrate the head(), the shape and describe() functions/methods to visualize the dataset (write codes to view the dataset). Immediately after you read your dataset, you should apply EDA (This is the most important step in Data Science/Data Analysis, immediately after extraction/cleansing your dataset, whether it was for a simple dashboard reports or MS Excel data analysis, you should like to know the distribution/mean, stdev, max/min value, etc.)