Guided Project: Hacker News Analysis

Hi everyone -

I just completed the Hacker News Guided Project. Sharing the file below:

GP_Hacker_News_Analysis.ipynb (16.8 KB)

Appreciate the community’s review and feedback.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Great work @Choi_Bot, To achieve the same requires intense concentration, which you have demonstrated. The introduction clearly states the goals and objectives, and the comments and doctrines have helped to simplify some of the functions.

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Thanks a lot for the wonderful feedback!

Hi @Choi_Bot

Great work again. Very colourful as well. You’re having fun with the markdown cells! While having a quick look, only one suggest came up. It would be great to print / mention the time zone of the best time to post. Other than that, maybe you can also have a look at Pytz to convert timezones, in case you want to explore further

Good luck with your future projects.

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