Guided Project - Hacker News Posts, Completion

Basics.ipynb (23.0 KB)

In my notebook I have done the other suggested things after the guided project finished. I guess I need feedback on how to present this better as this code/markdown is still new to me. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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Hi @ramin0vali, welcome to the community!

Congrats on finishing your project. I liked your additional work beyond the guided project. The comments in the code were helpful, especially since there were a couple spots where things were done a little differently (the result_list slicing comes to mind).

One thing that will help the project flow better now that you’ve finished working through it is looking at how to bring all the components together as one document. An introduction to get the reader interested in what they’re about to see and understand the purpose, and a final conclusion that summarizes everything, will help it feel more whole. In between the steps, share your thoughts on what you’re doing and thinking about the results keeps the reader engaged too. This article is a really good reference that I think will help as you refine and polish your projects.

Another idea is to have a look at other students projects posted here and get a feel for what you like about them. (And if you liked them, make sure to let them know!)

Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Hi April,

Thanks so much for the constructive feedback.